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MindAI's "Satellites Platform" is a multi-tech platform, like your mobile phone is a platform. "Satellites" are built right on top to empower your imagination — your time, sources and quality. Choose what Satellite you want to use, and start resolving tasks, creating content or just for having fun and learning new things. If you’re tired of installing apps on your device and each apps with different utilities and less quality results, officialmindai.com is here to let you choose the sources for giving free rein to your imagination ... and how costs-efficient you want to be.

What are "Satellites" on officialmindai.com?

Satellites are apps just as your browser. The Satellites are all available from the Satellites platform which is a dedicated section on the officialmindai.com website. The concept of Satellites are just as the real-world natural satellites. Just think at it as the ecosystem of MindAI is a Solar System, and the Satellites platform is a planet (for example Jupiter) where each "Satellite" orbits around the planet with their own characteristics.

How can I start using a Satellite?

You can simply start by choosing one of the Satellites of your interest in the list on the left and clicking on the name, it will immediately launch the Satellite. Make sure to Sign Up before using the Satellite, it's easy and does not require cards.

Where can I contact you for ideas or to improving the platform?

Thank you for the interest, you can reach us by clicking the "Contact Us" button above, it will open a new page where you can send a feedback to us for any feature to improve the platform (by clicking the button "Feature Requests") or send a bug feedback (by clicking the "Bugs" button).