TMC Partnership Program - MindAI Partners with Astrid

Pay with TMC the development of dApps with AI-based Trading Bots, Statistical-Analytical Models to identify the most profitable NFTs and more.

Apr. 24, 2023
MindAI x Astrid

Dear MindAI family, we're pleased to announce our first partnership with Astrid. $TMC owners will be now able to pay with the MindAI's token for Astrid products and services.

About Astrid

Astrid is a company that specializes in developing hybrid solutions that include Blockchain and Data Science. Astrid offers cutting-edge solutions such as development of dApps with AI-based trading bots, Statistical-Analytical models to identify the most profitable NFTs, various types of machine learning (ML) models to optimize the risk/return of Lending Protocols and the liquidity of DEXs and more.

At the end of the presale users that owns TMC token will be able to pay for the service and products that Astrid offers. For more informations about MindAI and TMC, please visit our website.